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Dog Beds for Less - Eco-friendly Pet Products!
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Some of the items shown are available for pick up
or shipping from our Northeast Minneapolis location.
Other items shown may be purchased at the retail stores
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 Want a pet bed that fits your decor?
Need a pet bed in a special size? 
We can do that!
Yes, we do just covers, too!
Yes, we can re-stuff your existing bed
and make it better!

We're happy to customize any product for you
including pet beds, coats, raincoats and accessories.
Products made from all new materials are also available.


**(Items marked as SOLD are representative of styles and/or fabrics available.)

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Paw Protection

Dogs just love their Dog Beds for Less pet beds!

Remembering Burt...
And all of the other great animal friends
I've known in my life, who've now passed...
Jake, Elwood, Sparky, Nicky, Heather, Sheba, Barney, Bowie, Chilly, ZiZi, Baxter, Queenie, Becker, Rigel, Sammy, Frieda, Shiloh, Buddy, Red, Neyko, Caffrey, Sadie, Pepper, Tippy, Fonzie
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